A first timer, 23 year old babe Aubrey is using FTV Girls to get her feet wet with the porn business. FTV breaks her in with public nudity, masturbation, and kinky anal play.

FTV Aubrey nude outdoors in public.

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FTV Aubrey has a very sexy 34B-25-35 figure, with nice round natural tits, and the perfect booty, thanks to her extensive dancing experience. We see her in a sexy dress and high heels, flashing her boobs, ass, and pussy at a public resort, until she gets seen by strangers. Off we go to another resort where Aubrey masturbates with a vibrating egg sex toy deep up her pussy until she orgasms. Her snug vagina lets her hold the toy in her snatch as she walks away, getting herself off on the move.

At home, Aubrey masturbates with her fingers, then she does very erotic dance in her workout clothes. Stripping off her leotard, her sensual figure is exposed in the sexiest way as she moves her nude body to the beat of the music. In her bright summer dress, Aubrey visits a public park where she fingers her shaved pussy as some guys walk and drive by. Our naughty new slut is starting to love the adrenaline rush of public nudity. More boob and pussy flashing at a restaurant during her sexy interview, then she grabs a big curved banana to masturbate with. Banging away at tight, wet pussy in an outdoor location, her pussy ends up smothering the banana taking it all up her juicy vagina.

Then in a sexy mini dress with black stockings and high heels she treats us to extreme closeups of her pussy and ass, with extreme labia stretching and diddling her clit. Super kinky, Aubrey fingers her butt for the first time for some nasty anal masturbation. Using the Vibraking sex toy, it seems almost too much stimulation for her, but she two squirting orgasms, surprising herself since she’s never done that before. In her FTV finale, she gives her sexy body a nice boobs & booty massage, with a foot fetish finish that you won’t soon forget. A total adult first timer, FTV Aubrey will probably be a porn star by the time you read this.

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FTV Aubrey smiles as she pulls her ass and pussy open for this close up.

This cute, bubbly 20 year old girl is one of the sweetest you’ve ever seen, full of smiles, full of fun, and full of sexuality. Riley is a petite little dynamo at 5′ 4″ tall and measurements of 34B-24-34. She’s on the small side of a B-cup and her boobs are very perky.

Sexy FTV Girls Riley topless in panties.

On a scorching hot summer day, Riley is in hiking gear, but soon enough her clothes come off and she’s hiking totally nude. She is a bit shy at first, but she gets comfortable with being naked in public and starts playing with her shaved pussy and masturbating right there on the trail with hikers coming by and getting an eye full.

Back to the house, Riley cools off some, then uses a vibrator dildo to a strong orgasm that makes her pussy squirt. Then she gives us a cute and sexy bra & panty show in a very intimate manner which leads to a naughty striptease dance with her favorite music blasting away. She loves to dance and shake & jiggle that perfect round butt, and we’re happy to watch.

Now extremely horny and feeling a little slutty she finds a very long cucumber, she penetrates her tight pussy slit with it. Going very deep, in several positions, you will notice her milky pussy juices building up on the big veggie.

We take our petite little babe to a fancy resort & mall, she’s walks about in a super sexy dress & high heels, flashing her tits and giving us incredible up-skirt views of her pussy and ass crack. Riley finds a more secluded corner, masturbates with a vibrator, and drips cum juices on the floor. Very risky public masturbation gets even riskier playing in the central water fountain, with her skirt hiked up flashing her box, then getting completely naked (until we had to go due to security).

Back in the comfy bed, she’s only wearing cute green panties, and she gives us a foot fetish special. Then Riley gives us some extreme closeups of her shaved vagina as she talks about how she lost her virginity.  She starts to finger her tight, juicy snatch then tries to fist fuck herself. She gets pretty close, almost getting her whole hand inside for a nasty fisting.

Then in mini dress & high heels she heads over to a bank, starts doing more boob flashing up-skirt pussy massage on the bench out front. Down at the parking lot, she then strips completely nude just so you can enjoy that supercute figure and sexy tan-lines one more time in public.

Poolside, she gets very nasty and even more kinky by taking a water hose, stuffing it deep inside her vagina, and squirting water everywhere.  She becomes a sexy nude ‘water fountain’ with a rather unique sense of pleasure.

Riley has never been to Arizona before, so she does some sightseeing that becomes a flashing show for everyone else to see. Its back home for one last masturbation scene, with the Vibraking toy.  It brings little Riley to a very strong, bucking, and squirting orgasm with strong vaginal contractions.  She’s another super fun, super sexy and adventurous girl who is perfect for FTV Girls.

Extreme closeup as Riley gapes her pussy wide open.

Two super popular 19 year old FTV girls Tamara and Lacie (who were first timers back in their first FTV shoots) and are real life friends, return for some very hot and nasty lesbian adventures.


We check them out in a college town having fun, holding hands, flirting with guys, making out, and fingering each others pussies right there in public. Their playful ways continue in the ice cream store, and those skimpy summer clothes give us glimpses of their boobs & panties.

Tamara is very horny now and takes Lacie to her dormitory, where they start deep french kissing and finger fucking each other, licking and having oral sex in the balcony. Her bedroom is very inviting, and they roll around and have pillow fights in the nude, then continue with some wild pussy munching and fingering. Tamara pulls out her favorite vibrator dildo and masturbates to orgasm as Lacie watches. Lacie is very hot and dripping wet as Tamara fingers her vaginal wetness and tastes it, sucking it all off of her fingers.

At a restaurant, they’re being the fun, bubbly girls they are, teasing some guys who are watching them. In very cute dresses and high heels, we visit a luxury resort with an beautiful fountain and pond. Watch these two teen girls make out, and finger-bang each other on the spot. Unfortunately somebody notices the public exposure and we are forced to leave quickly.

Back at the house they continue being playful in the nude, with more double pussy eating in a 69 position. Then comes the biggest and longest cucumber ever, over 20 inches long. Tamara uses it on Lacie’s tight teen pussy, pushing it as deep as it can go. Lacie’s vagina is so tight that she can make it stick out of her in doggy style. What a sight to see! Tamara does her best with the big cucumber, and rides it in a very erotic way. Together, they take each end like a double dong, grinding it deeper into themselves, pushing it so far in from each side that there’s only a few inches of cucumber left showing between their sweet shaved pussies.

Their nude play continues with some erotic dancing together, then going poolside for extreme closeups of nipple sucking, pussy eating, labia pulling, fingering, and incredible pussy gaping. Then it gets extreme and kinky, as Lacie gets a full, deep fisting by Tamara. She works her hand in nice and deep, while Lacie is pushed to her extreme limits. A girl-girl shoot to remember, with two fun and nasty 1st time girls members really wanted to see come back for more. We deliver!!!!!


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I have to say that Karina’s tits with those big pink puffy nipples just made my week. Another great addition to the First Time Videos lineup of 1st timers getting nude and nasty. Don’t you agree?


It is a great day when a girl next-door like Karina shows up in the members area on FTV Girls. I couldn’t wait to get at the full 1080p HD videos to rub one out watching Karina masturbating and massaging those nice tits and big pink puffy nipples. Like I said, Karina made my week :)

Here is what FTV has to say about 21 year old Karina:

“This super cute naturally busty girl may be a First Timer for nude modeling and porn, but she has no problem with flashing in public! In fact, she wanted to do it non-stop. Flashing her puffy tits at strip malls, restaurants, construction areas, she’s exposing those big all natural breasts, running topless on streets and then getting completely naked to play with herself.

Back at home, she uses the bathtub to wash her feet (cute foot fetish) and make her freshly shaved vagina all wet. We get extreme closeups of her big, erect clitoris and awesome pussy slit. Then using a pink vibrator dildo, Karina masturbates to several orgasms, with intense visible vaginal contractions. She gets very wet showing her wetness off on her fingers.

Next set she wears a very cute summer dress & heels, and teases us near the park, removing her panties, until she gets caught by a security guard. Finding another place nearby, she uses her vibrator again to have another strong orgasm. Foot fetish guys: Karina loves to walk barefoot wherever she goes!

In the comfy bedroom, she stretches and then tries on cute bras and panties. She gives herself a hard breast & butt massage, then gets extremely kinky. Karina double penetrates herself with two vibrators, one anally, one vaginally, working them in and out of her hot holes simultaniosly. Then we get extreme closeups of her tight, wet pussy and asshole.

She goes to the changing room and tries on cute schoolgirl outfits. What a hot and sexy schoolgirl she makes. Back out near a golf course, she teases us in her super short mini skirt and high heels, fingering herself and testing her juicy wetness again. Picking up a big curved banana, she stuffs it deep inside her vagina, and tries riding it too! She then masturbates one last time, having several quivering and bucking orgasms, with very visible vaginal and anal contractions. She and even mini-squirts, suprising herself!

With the sun setting, she does a sexy stretching scene in the nude, and plays in the pool with some heavy pinching, squeezing boob play. Then Karina experiments with a vintage vibrator dildo to finish up another fantastic photo and video shoot. Enjoy another cute Girl Next-Door, from FTV!




Sexy little Italian babe Annalisa exposed nude for the first time for your pleasure. She’s 24 years old, 5′ 3″ tall and has nice curvy measurements of 34C-25-35. Those fun bags are all natural too! Check out what the FTV crew has to say about their time with Annalisa:

“Sexy, sensual, and 100% Italian, this sexy girl is experiencing adult nude modeling and porn for the first time in her life, and really ends up enjoying every minute of it.

We watch her poolside, in a sexy scrunch butt bikini, and check out that erotic figure. Soon the bikini is pulled aside and she’s starting to play with her very plump, tight pussy slit. Notice how round and tasty that butt is. She goes back indoors and starts to masturbate with her fingers, eventually coming to a juicy wet orgasm with visibly strong contractions in her pussy.


We take Annalisa out to a resort, wearing a sexy pink dress & high heels, teasing herself some more, then going completely naked. She has such a sexy figure, and really knows how to show it off in heels. Learning to expose herself in public, she gets comfortable with masturbating where strangers might see her tits and pussy, then going home to masturbate for another strong, wet orgasm. She truly is a natural when it comes to masturbating without the need of a vibrator.  She also has those wonderfully full, firm, and natural breasts that get a nice hard boob massage. Then it’s off to lunch where she flashes her tits in public and a trip to the lake for some wakeboarding fun.

On the next day, Annalisa wakes up in the pink room, plays with herself, tries on some sexy lingerie, then masturbates to another strong, bucking orgasm. Close ups of her very visible orgasmic contraction of her vagina and ass. She’s a natural toe curler when she cums.


Its a hot afternoon, and she puts on a very sexy white dress & high heels, taking a visit to one of the fanciest malls in the city. We get amazing up-skirt views, flashing, and then pushing her limits, taking all her clothes off for a truly naked beauty walking the hallways in public.

Back at the house, our Italian beauty uses a very large dildo (the biggest thing she’s ever tried!) and penetrates herself with it and tries riding it. Then she uses a vibrator dildo for the first time ever, and has a very intense orgasm (with more visible vaginal contractions, up close and in your face). We get to see extreme closeups of her very plump, wet shaved pussy and inner vagina. On the comfy bed, she seduces us with sexy black bustier and thong panties. Annalisa takes off her panties and stuffs them deep inside her vagina with her fingers, pulling them out with heel of her shoe. Notice how the milky wet pussy juices appear all over her black panties.

Annalisa continues experimenting with new sex toys. She uses the vibrating Long Pink toy, and surprises herself with how great it feels deep inside her. She takes it pretty deep in her tight pussy. Then for the final sexual experiment, what happens if she uses the Vibraking? Well it all comes so suddenly, a monster orgasm that catches her off guard. Enjoy this very sexy girl, she’s another total first timer for FTV!




FTV Kourtney is a tall young woman with a fashion model figure. Kourtney is one of those shy girls that is experimenting with nude modeling and trying her first adult experiences here on FTV Girls.

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A former gymnast, Kourtney shows off her flexibility as well as acrobatics nude at a public park. She gets completely naked, and risks being seen by strangers as she does nude handstands and tumbles naked all around the lake as well as near the street.

First timer Kourney puts on a very sexy dress and high heels giving us some very naughty upskirt views, and peeks between her legs at her shaved pussy. She is then dancing & stripping nude to music.

Out by the swimming pool, we get extreme closeups of her hard nipples and tight snatch as she spreads her legs wide and pinches her nipples hard. She’s very timid about this first experience and just can’t let loose, but hopefully we will have a chance to bring her back again with more confidence. You can clearly see that Kourtney could be a real wild sex machine once she gets warmed up.

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Having her total First Time experience in adult porn modeling, Malena is not a bit shy about her tall, skinny nude body.

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Tall, skinny and leggy with the perfect C-cup tits and a hungry teen butt, she’s super fit and proud of it. After an interview and striptease photo shoot, we watch her walk through an office area in a sexy outfit with high heels, teasing us as she goes. With a vibrator dildo she masturbates, penetrating her tight teen pussy, then showing off how she likes anal. She even jams four fingers in her juicy vagina while having her vibrator dildo deep inside up her little ass.

More dirty masturbation continues back home, using a larger dildo, until she has a orgasm you have to see. We get extreme closeups of her very pretty shaved cunt and puckered asshole and watch as she shows off her amazing flexibility. Then our 19 year old uses the Vibraking sex toy, which brings her to a much stronger orgasm, with visible vaginal and anal contractions.

Not shy about public nudity, she walks naked, only in heels on a street shaking her boobs and ass drawing attention to herself. Spreading for us, being the exhibitionist slut she is, and running naked all over a golf course not wanting to put her clothes back on.

Even at the restaurant she’s got her perfect boobs out while people pass by. Luckily in all these situations we didn’t get run out of places. Then at an exotic arts center, she’s wearing only lingerie, and takes on a large white eggplant as deep as she can go. Malena gets caught this time. People come out and notice her doing nasty, slutty things. Still, she wants more public exposure, so she does some big zucchini pussy stuffing masturbation at a park, while people walk their dogs right there.

Malena’s got some strong vaginal muscles, and can shoot out the zucchini pretty far. More than once hitting the photographer as he gets in close for some extreme pussy shots. She then does a sexy, erotic nude dance, which then leads to another much longer nastier masturbation, that grows intense at the end when she oozes white cum and squirts. Malena is a totally fun teen girl, super sexy, and a truly horny 19 year old perfect for FTV Girls.

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Total First Time Video Girl Mila is a sexually confident 21 year old babe, and has a very sexy, sensual way about her. We first see her playing at a park area, doing cartwheels and back-bends, eventually taking it all off to do it all naked. Flexible and athletic, we get all sorts of views of the action. Then she masturbates with a vibrator dildo and fingers her clitoris to orgasm at a sitting area nearby. Some extreme shaved pussy closeups and spreads later she’s off to the entrance of a fitness center where she runs around topless and flashes her amazing sexy ass.


Back at the house, she uses the Vibraking sex toy bring on an extremely strong orgasm, notice the vaginal contractions that are continuous throughout her masturbation session. Then with a glass toy, she penetrates her juicy shaved vagina as deep as it can go, we get some closeup ‘in your face’ views you won’t believe. FTV Mila pushes her limits and double-penetrates herself with two glass toys vaginally, opening her hole wide.

We then see her arousing dressy & classy look, walking through a shopping area with no panties. Soon she is teasing herself up-skirt, and taking her heels off for some foot washing at a water fountain. At a restaurant she takes it further and does an interview topless, even licking her breasts right there in the public place. Then Mila is using the Long Pink Toy, riding it hard & deep in her cunt right there on location.

She’s a master of accents, so she does an intimate ‘dirty talk’ session for you in her sexy British accent. After a hard breast & butt massage + extreme closeups, its time for a sexy dance. One of the most erotic and arousing dances you’ve ever seen, that tight figure and perfect butt looks so hot in the way she moves herself to the music.

Then its off to a golf course where she takes everything off for more acrobatics and cartwheels, completely nude. Enjoy this sensual hottie, and her total first time experience in adult modeling.



You will watch this natural, skinny and beautiful teen girl at a busy shopping mall, looking to buy a cute dress for herself. Getting frisky, Allie’s not wearing a bra and she flashes her perky little tits and she is getting spotted by several guys passing by. They like what they see.

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Going into a changing room inside the store, she videotapes herself getting nude and trying on the new dress. Check out Allie’s tight, skinny, teen body as she changes clothes.

Then out at a tourist location, she’s flashing her tits, ass, and teen pussy some more as total strangers walk and drive by checking her out. She’s not done with flashing yet though, getting completely nude she shows everything she’s got to the landscapers working nearby.

Back at the house, Allie does some nude yoga exercises, then uses her fingers to massage her little boobs and finger her shaved teen pussy to a nice, natural orgasm. Notice the visible vaginal and anal contractions as she cums. We asked her to do it again and she manages to come to another hard and loud orgasm, this time seen up close and right in your face. We discover that 18 year old Allie is just a natural masturbator. She only needs to rub her clitoris a little with fingers to get off. We then get some extreme closeups of her very pretty and tiny shaved pussy. Very Erotic!!!

Later that same day, Allie is wearing the dress she just bought earlier with sexy, fuck me high heels and walking down the street where she gives us some amazing up-skirt flashing of her little round ass and sweet shaved snatch. She then sits down in a public area and finger herself and masturbates some more. This is Allie’s first public masturbation scene and it is super hot and nasty.

Back home, she can’t keep her fingers away from her already wet pussy. She uses her fingers, bringing herself to another orgasm. Allie then tries a little bullet vibrator for her first time and has one of the strongest and longest orgasms of her young life. You will notice the extreme contractions of her vagina to this powerful orgasm.

She then cools down in the shower, playing with her firm little boobs and then rubbing her smooth little twat again, then giving herself a nice hard and nasty breast & butt massage. Trying something more kinky, Allie stuffs the handle of her hair brush deep inside her vagina. Since she’s so tight and small the large brush handle stays stuck inside her, allowing her to pose in several hot positions, then pulling it out slowly as her pussy snaps back shut around it.

Later that night, our tight teen temptress discovers the pink room and finger fucks her tight teen pussy one more time, then says her goodbyes in the full moon light. FTV Girls Allie is cute, fun, and very sexual. Sure to be another FTV teen favorite, having her very first time experience in the adult modeling porn world right here on FTV!

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